Module 8: Globally-minded leaders and their sustainable approach to business


The overall aim of this module is to provide profound knowledge of the Global Mindset concept. After the module, participants will be able to understand how globally-minded leaders are able to handle business dichotomies, manage the complexity of the global operation and leverage international opportunities into a sustainable mindset.


Today business is strongly influenced by globalizations. A huge number of employees, managers, organizations and countries are exposed to global strategic decisions and cross-culture interaction. Traditional boundaries have disappeared and competition springs from every corner of the world. This provides organizations with unprecedented opportunities but also major challenges. Globally-minded leaders seem to help organizations to leverage the opportunities and manage the challenges by adapting to such diverse and complex world. Scandal such as the recent German giant car company VW using a “defeat device” (software) to manipulate the measurement of carbon dioxide emissions levels exposed the importance of a global leader proper equipped with the knowledge, skills and ability to manage global complexity by understanding the roles of each stakeholder in an international scenario. Therefore, as an organization is a function of people interactions, it is strongly recommended that organizations adapt their strategy and corporate culture to the principles of Global Mindset. According to recent academic researches (e.g. Ananthram and Nankervis2014)*, such adaptation increases organizations’ sustainable approach to business.


Top management, leaders of human resources working in an international context, international managers, management personnel moving to new international functions, leaders, managers and developers of human resources.


Global Mindset &
Global Leadership

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