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Dr. Jörg Hruby is the owner of Global Mindset & Leadership ( and a worldwide expert on global mindset, global leadership and global skills development. He is visiting professor for Executive MBA and Master’s courses, mostly in the field of international business, such as at universities in Germany and Brazil, e.g. Fundação Dom Cabral, FGV EAESP Sao Paulo and Insper Sao Paulo.

Hans Boot is a partner at Durch Denken Vorne Consult GmbH (, a specialist in purchasing and SCM. The company optimizes structures, processes and costs. Before his career as a consultant, he worked in global procurement departments, including as VP Group Procurement at the Kverneland Group.

Global Mindset Competencies in Procurement

Top 10 Global Mindset Competencies in Global Procurement
1.      Strategic and Critical Thinking Skills (58,00%)
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2.      Complex Problem-Solving Skills (50,00%)
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3.      Building Trust (44,00%)
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4.      Willingness to understand others (44,00%)
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5.      Conflict Management (44,00%)
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6.      Stress Management (41,00%)
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7.      Customer Orientation (41,00%) 
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8.      Listening, Reflecting & Observation Skills (38,00%) 
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9.      Leading Change (37,00%)
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10.    Learning Agility (36,00%)
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We customize your transformative learning journey for a successful global career. For the following positions, we organize a transformative learning journey from Global Mindset Competencies in Procurement with the most relevant top 10 skills: The positions in Global Procurement are as follows:

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) PR1

EVP Procurement PR2

VP Procurement PR3

Head of Procurement PR4

Purchaser PR5

Team Leader Procurement PR6

Lead Buyer PR7

Director Procurement PR8

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