Our mission is to provide education for everyone and everywhere. Our program has been designed to “Connect the World”.
We embrace and foster respect, understanding, and appreciation for different cultures.

We believe in hard work and commitment and that everybody with an open, growth mindset can be trained to develop a Global Mindset. Intrinsic motivation, curiosity, and openness are drivers that we develop in our program. Students and business professionals alike are our program’s target group.

One part of our program deals with environmental, social, and governance (ESGs), and the other with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from experts in the field. 

We not only want our participants to be good listeners; we want them to understand who they are and how they can benefit from acquiring a Global Mindset. What drives them, what behaviors do they have, and how does culture affect their communication and leadership style? How to build trust in a multicultural team, how to negotiate across borders, and many more skills. At every session, we discuss, reflect upon, and give feedback on key topics to enable all our participants to pursue roles as future “One World” global leaders. 

Learning comes from individual effort and from working in a peer group, which is very relevant and effective in the global business world. 


Global Mindset &
Global Leadership

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