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Our range of services / learning platform / seminars on global mindset / global leadership / global skills development

We offer seminars, individual module training courses and two-day workshops that convey all individual modules. 

For in-house practices, we adapt these individually and according to specific questions, fields of activity or ambitions. 


The module contents are presented in a combination of short lectures, discussions, case studies and deepened through individual or group tasks. Individual modules can also be attended online as webinars. Positive aspects are: Time savings, as no travel is required. Short blades mean less absence from the office. Questions are answered directly and live. Reduced online prices Our seminar series consists of 8 modules: 

Module 1: Global Mindset (GM) 

Module 2: Mindsets for Management 

Module 3: Organizational development measures to cultivate a global mindset 

Module 4: HR development measures to develop a global mindset 

Module 5: Development of a GM in management 

Module 6: Global Leadership and its Development 

Module 7: Cultural and Contextual Intelligence 

Module 8: Globally thinking executives and their sustainable business approach

Global Mindset Competency Development at different levels

A1) Develop Cognitive Complexity
A2) Develop Cognitive Intelligence
A3) Develop Cognitive Flexibility
A4) Develop Global Business Knowledge/ Savvy/Business Acumen 
A5) Develop Meta-cognitive Awareness
A6) Develop Paradox Management
A7) Develop Duality of Think (Glocal thinking) (Global/Local)
A8) Develop Learning Agility/ thinking agility
A9) Develop willingness to understand others 
A10) Develop  Environmental Scanning and Sensemaking
A11) Develop Cosmopolitanism
A12) Develop Languages Spoken
A13) Develop Pattern recognition
A14) Develop solve complex problem tasks (Problem-solving)
A15) Strategic and Critical Thinking
B1) Develop Openness/ Open-mindedness
B2) Develop Emotional Intelligence
B3) Develop Emotional Empathy
B4) Develop Humility/ Humbleness
B5) Develop Psychological Capital 
B6) Develop Curiosity/ Inquisitiveness
B7) Develop Mindfulness
B8) Non-judgementalness
B9) Develop Managing Uncertainty
B10) Develop Risk-Taking
B11) Develop Willingness to Accept Differences
B12) Develop Patience
B13) Develop Appreciation of Others /
B14) Develop Tolerance for Ambiguity
C1) Develop  intercultural sensititivy
C2) Perception/ Knowledge of cultural differences
C3) Develop intercultural communication skills
C4) Develop ACCEPTANCE/ Respect/Tolerance/
 Understanding of different cultural realities 
C5) Develop Cognitive Cultural Intelligence
C6) Develop Motivational CQ
C7) Develop Behavioral CQ
C8) Develop Meta-cognitive CQ
C9) Develop Physical CQ
C10) Develop Intercultural Interaction
C11) Develop Cultural psychological Capital
C12) Develop Intercultural/ multicultural
cross-cultural competencies and skills
C13) Develop cross cultural effectiveness 
C14) Develop Intercultural Adaptability/
Cultural adjustment/
D1) Interpersonal Engagement, interest in others, interaction with different groups
(spending time to connect with others), motivation to interact proactively (relationship oriented), interpersonal skills
D2) social Initiative and social competence/ social capital 
D3) Conflict management
 D4) Networking, team building, social networking abilities,
Collaboration, bridge building, achieve a win-win situation 
D5) Integrity
D6) willingness to experiment in food, museums, movies
D7) Adjustment of negotiation. persuading and communications skills across borders, influencing
D8) Willingness for fundamental transformation/
go out of comfort zone
D9) building trust / maintaining trusting relationships/
establishing trusting relationships
D10) Learn and adjust new behaviour, behavioural flexibility
D11) willingness to relocate/ work with others (cross border mobility)
D12) Contextual intelligence
D13) Listening skills, reflection and observation skills
D14) Reframing boundaries of cultural assumptions, values and beliefs,
 Accommodate cultural norms (intercultural adaptation)
E1) Self-awareness
E2) Self-confidence
E3) Self-reflection
E4) self-regulation
E5) Self-identity/ self-concept/ self-image
E6) Positivity
E7) Resilience
E8) self-autonomy/ self-directed
E9) hardiness
E10) stress management 
E11) energy management
E12) Work-life balance 
E13) Develop Self-efficiacy
E14) Self-Compassion
F1) Leading virtual teams
F2) Leading/ building global business (multicultural) teams
F3) Collaboration in (international/ global / multicultural) teams
F4) Visioning
F5) Empowering
F6) Designing and Aligning/ Architecting
F7) Rewarding and Feedback
F8) Persistence
F9) Leading Change
F10) Global / International Talent Management
F11) Fostering Innovation
F12) Influencing/ reconciling Stakeholders needs stakeholders
F13) Ethical decisions (responsible), Value based global leaders
F14) Perspective-taking/ Diplomacy
F15) Customer Orientation
F16) Motivating skills
F17) Coaching and Mentoring Skills
G1) Moderating
G2) Digital mindset/ digital leadership
G3) Action oriented/ establish solutions
G4) Drives business results
G6) Presentation Skills
G6) Technology as a medium for networking and communication
G7) Social business
G8) Sustainability
G9) Digital leadership
G10) Consulting skills
G11) Group work abilities
G12) Creativity
G13) Crisis management
G14) Courage
G15) Optimism 
G16) Extroversion 
G17) Sense of humor

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