The Gmindset® team of educators and business professionals teaches the skills required to become highly effective global citizens. To become a global citizen, a “Global Mindset” is required. Our customized teaching program and proprietary learning management system have over 110 competencies that address the most relevant “hard” and “soft” skills needed to be successful in the worldwide economy. 

Our program brings together participants from around the world. Students and business professionals are taught critical international business knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

Key topics in our curriculum include sustainability, culture, ethics, responsibility, integrity, diversity, equity, adaptability, agility, resilience, curiosity, and inclusion. 

Our 12-week Global Leadership Mindset Development Program (GLMDP) delivers state-of-the-art engagement on our virtual platform to participants around the world.

In our GLMDP platform, participants receive a customized learning journey, both on an individual and team level. In teams, participants interact with each other on various assignments. Team engagement and interaction come from across a wide spectrum of different cultures and countries. Our proprietary instructional platform provides a truly unique and rewarding transformational experience. 

Having a Global Mindset is a critical competence needed to become a successful global business leader in the 21st Century. Our team of scholars is from all over the world. They come from different areas of specialization and global experience.

Our faculty consists of scholars, practitioners, authors, trainers, coaches, subject matter experts, and consultants. Our academic team provides a unique and diverse mix of worldwide experiences and viewpoints. 

Our international participants come from many countries. Global Leadership Mindset Development Program (GLMDP) provides a highly interactive learning platform to pursue our vision of “One World”.


Global Mindset &
Global Leadership

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