Global Mindset

Global Mindset

Globalization stays an ongoing challenge for Management. Many companies are already internationally oriented. Anyhow in the future, entrepreneurs and executive managers will have to think and operate even more globally. Companies can only stay successful in their markets if their managers combine professional and cross-cultural competencies in a person. In particular, a global mindset is an essential part of such intercultural skills and characterizes the ability to understand and interconnect different cultures.

The information based processing reasons the academic clarification of a global mindset as part of cognitive psychology. According to this, the difference relies on how international managers perceive and interpret their environment, leading to a decision-making process, to finally act meaningfully and an awareness of the cross-cultural context. The development of a global mindset takes thereby place on different levels: firstly on the individual level, e.g. executive or board level, secondly on the group level, e.g. within top executives or management teams, and thirdly on the organizational level.

Some of the core competencies of an internationally operating manager are cross-cultural qualities, knowledge, attitude, belief or values. Besides necessary personality traits like openness, curiosity or cultural understanding, interpersonal processes are required as well, to get an internationally or globally reliable manager. These include but are not limited to emotional resilience and sensitivity or mental adaptability and flexibility, which are essential success factors on the international level. Broken down to cross-cultural competencies, especially the cognitive and affective (emotional) behavioural levels are affected by these processes.

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