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Global Mindset/ Global Leadership Development/ Global Competencies

Having a GLOBAL MINDSET is an invaluable asset for an international business leader. With such a GLOBAL MINDSET, goal setting and decision making in cross-border environments become more instinctive and much more effective and efficient. Such a situation usually results in higher sales, profits, and valuations for the company. Ideally, a person with a GLOBAL MINDSET can assess opportunities and threats in local and overseas settings with decision making based on an intercultural understanding that is so ingrained that it is almost instinctive. With fewer global MINDSETS, cross-cultural and cross-institutional decisions require more effort and explicit reflection on such differences. The core competencies of an internationally active manager in a global mindset include intercultural qualities, knowledge, attitudes, convictions or values. In addition to necessary personality traits such as openness, curiosity or cultural understanding, interpersonal processes are also required in order to get an internationally or globally reliable manager. These include, among other things, emotional resilience and sensitivity or mental adaptability and flexibility, which are essential success factors on an international level. Broken down to intercultural (global mindset) competencies, the cognitive and affective (emotional) behavior level in particular is influenced by these processes.

Our CAIR approach practically applies an experimental learning and transformation journey

Our cycle begins with our competency test, during which we assess the strength and status of the contextual job requirements.

In the context of 360-degree feedback, the participants receive an awareness of how they assess themselves and how others assess their competencies.

With this awareness and the motivation to improve and grow as leaders, we establish interaction and feedback using various tools such as storytelling, immersive experiences, reflection, assessment, coaching, simulations, and exercises by letting participants experiment and drop out of their comfort zone. Our coaches and trainers give participants a safe environment to test new behaviors. Because of this trustworthy group environment, these interactions are designed to make participants more confident and confident. 

The participants understand the reflection process better through feedback and motivation, as well as through, the dynamic group environment. We establish a process in which deeply rooted assumptions are uncovered and questioned, and new ideas and concepts are transformed. So that the participants become new habits through practice combined with reflection. 

We believe that it is not the methods alone to develop leadersPeople do. Participants commit to learning and the sensitivity and skills of the professionals make that learning possible. That makes a difference

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