We adapt your transformative learning journey. We have around 100 global mindset competencies and are building a transformative learning journey for you. We always offer a top 10 global mindset competencies in various business functions such as HR, SCM, IT, procurement, marketing & sales, finance & controlling, R&D, logistics, operations and consulting. For around 180 global positions, we offer you the top 10 global mindset competencies within a transformative learning journey for a successful global career. Our learning platform offers you tailor-made assessments, tailor-made learning materials and interaction options. Materials within the platform are validated tests, texts, podcasts and practice-oriented texts. The assessment is followed by interaction and feedback, coaching and re-assessments such as 360-degree feedback.

The Global Mindset & Global Leadership Center offers a wide range of seminars, webinars and in-house training courses to provide information and raise awareness of its groundbreaking findings. These are open enrollment offers, but of course customized solutions are also offered. In addition, we offer individual training, including coaching, for specific subject areas and support, and we also support long-term internationalization processes. Our expertise is of course aimed at multinational and global companies.

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