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Global Mindset & Global Leadership Center has a vast proposal of seminars, webinars and in-house training to inform and to raise awareness for its pioneering findings. These are open enrollment offers, but of course, are individually customized solutions offered as well. Furthermore, are we providing individual training together with coaching for particular subject areas and support and also accompany internationalization processes in the long-term likewise.

Our expertise addresses naturally multinational and globally oriented companies, to advise about the subjects of global mindset and global leadership, due to its relevance and impact, to provide specified solutions.

Some of the critical questions which need to be extracted are:

  • Are we a (globally positioned company) / (global company)?
  • Which are our opportunities in foreign markets within five years, and where are customer demands evolving?
  • Shall our employees be deployed into foreign countries frequently during the next years or vice versa: will foreign employees need to be integrated?
  • Are our employees increasingly going to collaborate with foreigners from different cultures during future projects?
  • How far are country reports or different information sources analyzed by employees who have profound knowledge about these regions?

Our dedication is a life-long learning approach to accompany and advise our customers in a variation of their professional stages. We primarily focus our definition of a global mindset to the ability to grow with various challenges because of one’s capacity of self-reflection and cultural agility.

Do the top and middle management levels have the ability to evaluate global opportunities and risks appropriately?

Are the managers capable of evaluating cross-cultural complexities and value-adding activities better than competitors concerning employees, customers, offers or suppliers?

Do we have coherent corporate core values and an overall global identity?

Our training and coaching have the purpose of imparting knowledge about subconsciously classifying perception and interpretation patterns, assumptions, attitudes and values. Together with you, we develop ways to analyze and validate these objectives for your use. Participants of our workshops and coaches will be led in a structuralized, but individually customized procedure to self-reflection. This strengthens their comprehension of the impact of their actions, encourages developing behavioural changes, and delivers a more open mind, which is all necessary skills in cross-cultural and international environments.

The added value ensures the ability to reflect on each’s thoughts and take actions within a particular professional praxis context and benefits the competency to develop real alternatives. We use case studies and best-practice companies together with praxis based tools and scientifically researched questionnaires to draw attention to the characteristics of a global mindset in a professional context.


A global mindset constitutes the ability to perceive, analyze, and decode culturally different situations and cross-border contexts. This ensures establishing promising and long-lasting relationships between organizations and individuals across borders.

Managers with a global mindset understand how much culture can shape someone’s behaviour; Hence, they become non-prejudiced toward others and gain cultural and contextual intelligence. They can bridge cultural gaps mentally, and therefore, they can build up and develop honest relationships.

A global mindset represents a fundamental core value for successful worldwide leadership and is a mandatory necessity for international corporations and their executives.


Global Mindset & Global Leadership Center provides academically based but practice-oriented training and coaching. Additionally, we accompany and advise continuative internationalization processes because we know the world is ever changing, and we must learn to adapt with it.


Global Mindset & Global Leadership Center provides praxis-oriented, individually customized in-house training and result from oriented consultations.

Praxis-oriented seminars and individual coaching


In-house training corporate programs, management development, career development, management consulting

Implementation and practical benefits

Prestigious lectures, trainer, coaches and consultants

Support for the IHRM

We build upon consisting knowledge and provide assistance and strategies for international corporations, which decided to continue to expand.

We rely on practical implementations, interactive conveyance of knowledge, the communication between lectures and participants among themselves together with fast applicability.

We make participants acquainted with the personality characteristics of an international executive. They will learn how to test a global mindset along with their corporation and to analyze their employees upon it. This enables them to evaluate individual development perspectives more appropriately.

Besides our proposals for executives, do we also consult and coach active managers and employees internationally from various company divisions and cultural environments? They are commonly head of HR, strategic, organizational or personnel development managers or diversity managers.


In addition to looking at strategic considerations, the course adopts an organizational development approach to analyzing training, coaching and delivering consultancy to employees and leadership teams. This is particularly the case in our Executive Education.

As part of organizational development, we examine how appropriate organizational structures can be established and cultivated. The company’s beneficial relationships are also analyzed and translated to identity-establishing recommendations for action.

In developing your people and leadership teams, we help you to identify, select and develop your people and leadership teams and support the process with relevant assessment tools. We also incorporate new knowledge from and lessons learned in the field of Global Leadership.

Our seminars can be delivered as webinars or via in-house training. Furthermore, we provide individual consulting projects for specific topics. With this integrated approach, we can give advice and support to companies engaged in developing a global orientation. We analyze processes, provide recommendations for additional training while following a case-study based and practice-oriented approach. We help you to identify and develop your future leaders and support companies in assessments using our tried and tested methodology.

Moreover, we emphasize the setting up of suitable organizational structures in which processes for developing people and leadership teams are embedded. Global and multi-cultural levels and backgrounds have often to be taken into account during this process.

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