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Global Mindset

Globalization stays an ongoing challenge for Management. Many companies are already internationally oriented. Anyhow in the future, entrepreneurs and executive managers will have to think and operate even more globally. Companies can only stay successful in their markets if their managers combine professional and cross-cultural competencies in a person. In particular, a global mindset is an essential part of such intercultural skills and characterizes the ability to understand and interconnect different cultures.


We are providing seminars, single module trainings as well as two-day workshops, which impart all single modules. For in-house trainings we customize these individually and according to concrete issues, field of operations or ambitions.

Learning Platform

Our Global Mindset & Global Leadership tool offers a battery of online surveys catered to the business needs of global leaders and International Business students to overcome cultural conflicts and a journey into a sucessful international career.

Our Offer

Global Mindset & Global Leadership Center has a vast proposal of seminars, webinars and in-house training to inform and to raise awareness for its pioneering findings.

Our Team

Based on our long-term experience of working in various institutions, including both scientific and in practice-based organisations, we consider ourselves to be competent partners for you.

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Global Mindset &
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