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GMindset Center for Global Education UG is a provider for competency development.

Currently we have different programs implemented such as a Students’ Program and a Business Managers’ Program.

We had around 1000 students and managers within our last 3 years from around 60 different countries in our 12-weeks program.

Our recommendations are aorund 80+%.

In the following, there is a video explaining our program.

We empirically identify the Global DNA Mindset Competencies within different Business functions such as HR, Procurement, SCM, Operations, Logistics IT, R&D, Marketing/Sales, and Finance/Controlling. What are the relevant top 10 Global Mindset competencies in these business functions, we encrypted the top 10 of around 180 Global positions.


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Based on our long-term experience of working in various institutions, including both scientific and in practice-based organisations, we consider ourselves to be competent partners for you. Global Mindset and Global Leadership provides state of the art methods.

Customer reviews

Since the specific module I had in 2009 at the University of California on aspects essential to a global executive, we had found nothing as structured and dense as content and knowledge as Professor Jörg Hruby's platform and guidance - while operating in countries like Germany, United States, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, Spain, Colombia, and Brazil. it was amazing to find technical and practical foundations of each culture during the course exhibitions. I recommend the course to any executive who understands that their area of expertise goes beyond the known neighborhood. It's a long journey that can be difficult, but Dr. Hruby has the map, and he can help.
Joatam Junior
United Health Group Brazil - Medical Doctor & MBA
Accessed the platform during the course Cultivating a Global Mindset with Dr. Jörg Hruby. The tool was very useful to support all the conversations that we had during the classes and also to provide a self-evaluation which was essential, since the development of a global mindset starts firstly on the individual level. I highly recommend Gmindset and also Dr. Jörg Hruby classes.
Ana Chacur
Master Degree student at EAESP-FGV
I had the opportunity to use the learning platform while attending Dr. Jörg Hruby's Global Mindset course, which is a great tool to assess your competence gaps to succeed as a global leader. The program highlight the challenges when dealing with cross cultural matters, in both leadership and business practices, providing tools and expertise in how to manage it with a global perspective. I definitely recommend Dr. Jörg Hruby's Global Leadership courses, for anyone pursuing an international career.
Dalton Leri
Business Controller at Sandvik
Concentrate in a friendly environment all learning resources that can be used to study Global Mindset topics. There are many content that this tool provides to students, executives and people who are interested in the topic. As a former global company executive and with a current client portfolio abroad I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a Global Mindset learning resource that want to track the development.
Gabriel Ogata
Co-Founder and COO at MAPESolutions (Healthcare Management Consulting Firm)
We live in a time when it is increasingly common to develop projects involving different cultures. The dynamics of processes, the need for quick responses and the urgency of results lead large corporations to share teams and objectives. The transition of executives between countries with their cultural differences is also increasingly present. The platform and the guidance of Professor Jörg Hruby are of great value at this time where understanding cultural differences and the need to create values across cultures is so important. The arguments presented are very well structured and really help in the development of the works. I found on the platform and in the course fundamental knowledge that helped a lot to understand and solve intercultural challenges. I strongly recommend the content of the platform and the courses of Professor Jörg Hruby.
Marcia Tregalia
Access/HEOR/STRATEGIC ACCESS at Axabio life Sciences International


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