Global Mindset in
Supply Chain Management

Global Mindset in Supply Chain Management

Our survey results: 

Top 10 Skills

1.      Integrity (66,67%)
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2.      Listening, Reflecting and Observation Skills (66,67%)
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3.      Building Trust (60,00%)
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4.      Customer Orientation (60,00%)
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5.      Cognitive Flexibility (60,00%)
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6.      Global Business Knowledge (60,00%)
7.      Learning Agility (60,00%)
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8.      Positivity and Optimism (60,00%)
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9.      Managing Uncertainty (60,00%)
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10.   Cognitive Complexity (53,33%)

We customize your transformative learning journey for developing global skills in supply chain management for a successful global career.

Mello, R. (2017): The properties of the Global Mindset in the context of the new Supply Chain Agenda.


Die Eigenschaften des Global Mindsets im Kontext der New Supply Chain Agenda. [In German]

Global supply chains have evolved from pure production efficiency to a value-added system. This necessary transformation process is illustrated in the literature by the five pillars of the New Supply Chain Agenda (NSCA). The three dimensions of the global mindset – intellectual capital, social capital, as well as psychological capital – are analyzed and integrated into the context of the worldwide economy. This paper is a short overview of the future challenges in supply chain management and an intensive discussion of intercultural competence Supply Chain Management. This bundle of necessary competencies, which an internationally oriented executive must have to lead employees, teams or entire organizations in the sense of the goal achievement, is then placed to the pillars of the New Supply Chain agenda. The important link of the two models as well as the associated possibilities to meet the requirements for global diversity are illustrated by recent case studies.

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