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Durch Denken Vorne Consult GmbH, founded in 2010, is a german-based consultancy focusing on procurement, logistics and supply chain management. Besides traditional consultancy like process optimization, cost reduction, digitalization, organizational development and risk management they also have a strong focus on trainings, coaching and interim management.

The People Mobility Alliance is a network of like-minded individuals from all sizes and industries, as well as freelancers, researchers, governmental officials, and others, to challenge them to rethink and create people mobility for the future. The alliance encourages the exchange of information and experiences among its members, stimulates new business prospects, and provides trends analysis.

RSB International

Connected Enablers in Global Uncertainty. RSB creates sustainable breakthrough in security, intelligence, and technology for demanding governments and aspirational global corporations.

We pursue and assess targets to develop need-based intelligence products and outcomes, deploying private security experts and former representatives of leading agencies (such as CIA, SIS, FBI, BND) for our legitimate clients. This includes conducting and delivering Business Intelligence, Due Diligence Research, Investigations, White Collar Crime (WCC) Solutions and Asset Recovery Operations.

Furthermore, tailored services performed by career professionals with backgrounds in Special Mission Units (SMU), Strategic Defense Organizations, and Political-Military (POLMIL) negotiations protect our client’s interests and assets from threats in all domains.

Worlddidac is the global trade association for the educational resources industry. It links all education sectors, all countries and all relevant national associations endeavouring to improve education globally by connecting our members with like-minded stakeholders within the Education Industry. It serves to create value for all in education.

Worlddidac is “where education comes together” – an international network of education providers, passionate individuals and organisations who improve, drive and harmonise learning worldwide by inspiring connections, improving methodologies, and furthering technological development for the advancement of education globally.

Henry & Co. International is proud to partner with global mindset program by providing scholarships through House of Henry Foundation uplifting minority youth in the USA through financial literacy, education, international business and mentorship’s building future leaders.

Procurement Excellence Group 

Procurement Excellence Group ( is a collaboration of the three consultancies Durch Denken Vorne Consult GmbH, Einwerk GmbH and GĂĽnzel Consulting GmbH focusing on consulting, interim management, executive search and trainings within procurement, supply chain management and logistics.

Fuxam GmbH

Founded by three dedicated students, Fuxam GmbH focuses on the digital transformation of educational institutions. The comprehensive software solution enhances educational institutions in three key areas: Administration, Learning Management and Exam Management. Fuxam additionally focuses on artificial intelligence to support teachers and students with modern tools and to boost educational success. Fuxam’s vision is to revolutionize the education system, especially on the software side, in order to shape and improve education for future generations.

Youth Entrepreneurial Community 

Youth Entrepreneurial Community is a Polish student-led initiative that aims to build a thriving community of young entrepreneurs. The organization believes in collaboration and takes a holistic approach to learning and development, focusing not only on learning but also on personal growth. It encourages students to think outside the box and develop creative solutions to real-world challenges by combining different disciplines.

Collaboration is a core principle for the community, as they believe that students can achieve more when they work together. They also invite business partners who share their vision and want to contribute to the development of young entrepreneurs.

The community serves as a space where students and like-minded individuals (not just from Poland) come together to learn, inspire and empower each other. By emphasizing diversity, motivation and collaboration, the community has a significant impact on its members and the broader entrepreneurial landscape.


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