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Global Leadership Mindset Development
Certificate Program for Senior Executive / C- Level

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Certificate Program for Senior Executive / C-LevelOnline Course$5000Register

Maximum 120 minutes synchronic Online-Zoom-sessions which are recorded.
International Professors from different countries are doing the live sessions.
Program with the support of many Academic and Business Partners.
The participants that complete the program will receive the Certificate of Graduate from the Global Leadership Mindset
Development Program, by Global Leadership Mindset Development Network.

Within this 12-week program, all students receive 6 Global Skills to improve. It is according to the level of competence that everybody has their own customized learning journey, with an assessment, learning material such as texts, videos, interaction with others and working on a case study, and reading reflection reports on how others improved their skills. Peer-Feedback is a mandatory element.

We will teach the top 12 Global Leadership Mindset Competencies for Senior (Executives) (refer to below list); one competency per week, we provide each participant with a global skills assessment, along with the corresponding learning materials.

You will get access to the first competency for 2 weeks to know¬†how the system is functioning. You will get a personal Mentor to¬†show you how the Fuxam Platform works¬†(Senior) Executives are expected to attend all sessions and actively¬†participate in the live class sessions through questions and ‚Äúchat‚Ä̬†comments online and by raising their virtual hand, subject to time¬†limitations.

Up to 4 absences will be excused without penalty. Each Senior Executive needs to write an Action Plan on how to implement a Global Leadership Mindset within their future career and how they changed during the GLDP such as a reflection report. Peer-Feedback also needs to be provided as a mandatory element.

1) Emotional Intelligence and Building Trust
2) Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone and Managing Uncertainty
3) Leading Change
4) Providing Direction and Visioning
5) Cognitive Complexity
6) Fostering Innovation and Talent Management
7) Integrity
8) Empowering Others
9) Rewarding and Giving Feedback
10) Motivation Skills
11) Coaching and Mentoring Skills
12) Willingness to Understand Others


Christa holds a Ph.D. in law from the University of Zurich, and has extensive international business experience. She also studied intercultural communication in the US and is certified in
Psychosynthesis, making her an experienced intercultural professional.

With a background as an executive coach, trainer, consultant, manager, and lecturer, Christa has broad international experience. Currently, she coaches executives and works with leading companies from different industries, as well as municipal employees, police, health care professionals, teachers, and multicultural teams, supporting them to thrive across cultures.
Additionally, she is a lecturer for intercultural competence.

Christa has published several¬†articles on this topic and is the¬†author of ‚ÄúMiteinanderverschieden¬†sein,¬†interkulturelleKompetenzalsSchl√ľs¬†selzur global vernetzten Welt‚Ä̬†(Versus Verlag, Zurich) and the coauthor¬†of the game “Puzzling¬†Intercultural Stories‚Äú
She is a TedX Speaker.


Ms. Marina Alabí holds a degree in Institutional Communication from the National University of Córdoba and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from ICDA -Business School
of the Catholic University of Córdoba. She has taken several specialization courses on
the SDGs, one of them given by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and another by the Senate of the Argentine Nation.

She is a leader of the Green Economy and¬†gives talks on climate change and the¬†circular economy. In the academic field she¬†is the Coordinator of Pro√Čtica‚Äôs ‚ÄúCenter for¬†Ethics ‚Äď Social Responsibility and¬†Sustainability‚ÄĚ at the Institute of¬†Management Sciences (ICDA) Business
School of the Catholic University of Córdoba (UCC) for 10 years, that she hopes to inspire in the vocabulary of others.

In the private sector, she is consultant in change management of organizations towards a triple impact business model. She has been related to CSR, Sustainability, Triple Impact, SDGs, Circular Economy, and labor inclusion of people with disabilities for more than 15 years, these are concepts and ways of life In the area of volunteering:
For more than 14 years she has been committed to the labor inclusion of People with Disabilities in organizations being part of a network in Argentina called CEC (Club of Companies Committed to the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in the Workforce).

It is also a member of a larger network, the RIEI (Ibero-American Network of Inclusive Companies) since its origins.

Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Jörg Hruby
Diplom-Kaufmann, Dr. rer. soc. oec., Managing Director

Doctorate from the Department of Organization and Economics of Institutions¬†of the University of Graz, Austria. Diplom-Kaufmann, Doctorate from the Department of Organization and Economics of Institutions¬†of the University of Graz, Austria. He has gained experience as a business consultant at various organizations and has undertaken research and lecturing at several universities. The Universities are located in Germany and Brazil, e.g. FDC, Insper, FIA, and FGV EAESP ‚Äď leading Universities in Brazil. Moreover, Prof. Dr. J√∂rg Hruby is supporting students with their Bachelor/ Master/ MBA/ DBA and Ph.D. Thesis. He is currently Global Visiting Professor at Tec de Monterrey, Chihuahua Campus.

Jörg Hruby is one of the leading experts and authors in the field of Global Mindset. 

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