Global Mindset in
Finance/ Controlling

Global Mindset in Finance/ Controlling

Survey Result

Top 10 Global Mindset Competencies in Finance/ Controlling: 

1.      Integrity (68,97%)
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2.      Complex Problem Solving Skills (66,67%)
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3.      Building Trust (62,07%)
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4.      Strategic and Critical Thinking Skills (56,67%)
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5.      Self-Confidence (55,17%)
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6.      Cognitive Complexity (53,33%)
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7.      Listening, Reflecting and Observation Skills (51,72%)
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8.      Rewarding and Giving Feedback (48,28%)
9.      Networking Skills (48,28%)
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10.    Cognitive Flexibility (46,67%)
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We adapt your transformative learning journey in global mindset competencies in finance / controlling for a successful global career. We customize your learnings on the following positions: 

-CFO (Chief Financial Officer) F1

-Director Finance Finance F2

-Senior Director Finance F3

-Financial Controller F4

-Financial Analyst F5

-Financial Advisor F6

-Finance Manager F7

-Business Controlling F8

-Commercial Controlling F9

-HR Controlling F10

-Mergers & Acquisitions F11

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