Module 2: Mindsets for the Management


Managers are surrounded by a big amount of complexity, uncertainty, ambiguity, and insecure decisions. In the course of this they must process and combine various information: How do your employees act? How can you better comprehend their decisions? The decision making processes can be visualized through the use of cognitive maps.


  • What is a Mindset?
  • Elements and functions of a Mindset
  • Principles of the information processing
  • Measurement and decodification of the Mindset
  • Methodology of the cognitive maps
  • Importance of the Mindset for the company


Top management, managers and employees from different divisions of the company, leaders of human resources working in an international context, international managers as well as management personnel moving to new international functions, strategy developers, managers and developers of human resources.


Global Mindset &
Global Leadership

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