Module 5: Development of a GM in Management Personnel


Your Managers are in a balancing act between globalization and localization. Your company will only be successful on the market when they have the required technical and intercultural skills. Nevertheless, how to develop the required technical, social and intercultural skills such as curiosity, tolerance, diplomacy, empathy and knowledge about cultural contexts? Our approach to it makes use of the division in psychological, social and intellectual capital and and determines your individual development requirements.


  • Staff development measures for the promotion of the Global Mindset
  • Evaluation of the Global Mindset at managerial level
  • Evaluation of the global psychological capital such as passion for diversity, quest for adventures, self-confidence and self-reflection
  • Evaluation of the global intellectual capital such as logical business thinking, resolution of complex tasks, interest in world events
  • Evaluation of the global social capital such as diplomacy, intercultural empathy and interpersonal effect


Top management, leaders of human resources working in an international context, international managers, management personnel moving to new international functions, leaders, managers and developers of human resources.


Global Mindset &
Global Leadership

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