Module 3: Organizational development measures for the cultivation of a GM


In the course of globalization and internationalization of your company, the structure of the organization must adapt itself to the circumstances and remain as flexible as possible. On international corporations the organization must have a cultural intelligence, so that your company remains successful in the market. How do you analyze, whether your company is globally positioned and the employees there placed think globally? What is required to establish yourself globally? How to test your company in terms of global aptitude?


  • What is a Global Mindset? – Definitions at company levels
  • GM and the organizational development
  • Influencing factors for a Global Mindset
  • Cultivation of Global Mindset in the company
  • Evaluation of your company


Top management, international managers and employees from different divisions of the company, organizational consultants, managers and developers of human resources.


Global Mindset &
Global Leadership

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