Module 1: Global Mindset (GM)


Globalization presents many challenges to the Management, and therefore it is necessary that Managers think globally as well as act locally. This attitude and mentality, across country’s frontiers, is denoted as a global orientation or Global Mindset.

Your company can only be successful in its markets, when your leaders have at their disposal the appropriate technical and intercultural skills. Our basis webinar Global Mindset makes yourself familiar with the attributes of an international manager.


  • What is a Global Mindset? – Definitions at different levels
  • Evolution history of the Global Mindset
  • Essential attributes of the Global Mindset – Personality characteristics
  • Meaning of the Global Mindset for international companies
  • Development of your Global Mindset
  • Evaluation of the Global Mindset at corporation level


Top management, international managers and employees from different divisions of the company, leaders of human resources working in an international context, management personnel moving to new international functions, managers and developers of human resources.


Global Mindset &
Global Leadership

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