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Global Network of Global Leadership Mindset Development Program (GLMDP)

We are a network of different Business Schools to connect Executives and International Business Students on a learning platform. Our approach is to develop Managers/ Executives/future leaders to develop a Global Leadership Mindset.

We organize a global network to highlight with lectures, learning materials such as Texts, Podcasts, Videos, and overall practitioner-oriented material the importance of a Global Leadership Mindset.

The learning platform intends to individualize learning due to a sophisticated competency assessment in the beginning. Within the dynamic learning platform, we provide each International Executive a customized transformational learning journey by providing the most relevant Top 12 skills. The benefits of this approach or network is that executives get directly in contact with executives from other countries, solving cases togethter. There is a forum on experience reports how executives improves their learning journey. 

We extracted with thousands of surveys in Human Resources, Procurement, Marketing/ Sales, Finance/ Controlling, SCM, Operations, R&D, IT, and Logistics the most necessary (global/ intercultural) competencies (soft skills and other, in total 85 competencies) for a successful Global Leader with a Global Mindset.

In Global HR, for example, we extracted 16 different global positions, in Marketing 20, Procurement 9, Finance 10, and many more. In total, we can provide roughly 125 global positions.

Global Mindset in Human Resource Management – Gmindset

Global Mindset in Procurement – Gmindset

Global Mindset in Logistics – Gmindset

Global Mindset in Marketing & Sales – Gmindset

Global Mindset in Finance – Gmindset

Global Mindset in Supply Chain Management – Gmindset

In other words, every Executives receives and own learning path and gets possibilities to connect and interact with other Executives from different Business Schools located worldwide such as in

Bolivia (UPB)

Nigeria (Lagos Business School)

India (Athena School of Management)


Austria (FH Joanneum)









United States of America 


We hope your University is interested and we would like to offer you a ZOOM session to explain more.

In the beginning, we start with a FREE VERSION till 31st of March 2022. The idea is that each University provides a Certificate for joining the Global Leadership Mindset Development Program (GLMDP).

After the free trial version period, we would be happy to recruit Executives for a three-month online learning journey including coaching and many more possibilities to connect and interact between faculties and Executives.

How does it work:

1) each school provides a Certificate for a three months program

2) there are weekly presentations by the partner schools on related topics to international business and more specifically on global leadership mindset development

3) Everything is customized for the executives depending on the Business Functions or path on learning

4) Assessment, customized material, interaction and feedback and re-assement are in a planned structure

5) each two weeks a new competency will be provided with customized learning material after the assessment tests

6) the process takes around 23 weeks with a final reassessment

Global Mindset – Gmindset

Reflektionszyklen für Global Mindset Entwicklung

Reflektionszyklen für Global Mindset Entwicklung

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