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Our Global Leadership Reflection Circles are due to launch soon, with the first Circle starting on November 15th. 

The purpose of the Global Leadership Reflection Circles is to support global leaders navigating their workforce and related changes in the VUCA world. It is a six-month process-oriented, open-enrolment, group coaching journey designed to tap into the insights and experience of peers and learn from them. The Circles are led by an experienced senior executive coach to allow a deep understanding of challenges and further learning. 

Within these learning and transformational circles, we create a reflective, creative, and confidential space to:

  •  Share challenges in the global environment
  •  Exchange experiences in intercultural settings
  •  Experiment with creative problem-solving and solution-oriented approaches
  •  Reflect on global mindset, leadership style, a sense of purpose and personal impact
  •  Develop active support, feedback, and continuous learning network
  •  Assess your level of global competencies and organizing a personal growth plan

Target group
Global executive leaders with a minimum of 10 years’ work experience and a minimum of 5 years as a leader in the Human Resources Department.

How it works:
The Circles start after your assessment and the two days Global Mindset Workshop.
· Circles are composed of eight to twelve leaders, led by an experienced ICF coach who facilitates online sessions.
Participating leaders have a similar level of leadership experience in intercultural settings.
· The bi-weekly sessions will run for 1.5 hours for six months.
In alignment with the participant’s interests, topics coming from the company, or other consequential, relevant news, we focus on one to two topics in each session.
· By default, the circles will be run only in English
The facilitation approach is based on the consulting and experiential learning methodologies developed by Dr. Jörg Hruby and his ICF Coaching colleagues.

Circle buddy: If you want to dive even more profound and discuss and exchange your experiences and challenges, you can work with a buddy, pairing with one of your fellow peers. 

Individual coaching packages: 5 – 10 hours of intense individual coaching sessions to discover and overcome your challenges, blockages, and beliefs which hinder you in becoming the successful global leader you want to be.

Your commitment
Being part of a Global Leadership Reflection Circle means to commit to the following:

  • Making the meetings of the Circle to one of your priorities
  • Continuously work on your progress
  • Participate actively in the conversation during the Circle
  • Share your successes and development areas openly with the other participants – make yourself vulnerable
  • Support your peers in their growth
  • Commit to confidentiality

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