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Global Leadership Skills

F1) Leading Remote/ Global Virtual Teams

Global virtual teams are a team with individuals who work together from various locations around the world and who may – or may never – meet in person. They use technology to enable collaboration and teamwork.

F2) Leading/ Building global business teams

Global Business Teams are groups of people of different nationalities working together on a common project across cultures and time zones for extended periods.

F3) Collaboration in Teams


F4) Visioning/ Providing Direction

help all the employees align together around a set of common ideas. With a common vision and mission, people would make better decisions and act in a way that helped the whole business.

F5) Empowering Others

They know how to involve people, and they make sure that everyone with a vested interest in a decision is part of that decision-making process, thereby creating a sense of ownership among their people. They make clear to their followers what is expected of them.

F6) Designing and Architecting

Build organizational structures and processes that facilitate effective global interactions

F7) Rewarding and Giving Feedback


F8) Persistence

The continuance of an effect after its cause is removed.

F9) Leading Change

Lead individuals, teams and organizations to new ways of doing things, build capacity to learn and adapt.

F10) Global Talent Management

Engaging in future talents and their development

F11) Fostering Innovation


F12) Influencing Stakeholders

Ability to influence others. Consider multiple, often conflicting stakeholder needs; make decisions taking them into account; influence them towards alignment.

F13) Ethical Decisions (Responsible) Global Leaders

Adhere to accepted standards of behavior; Identify a clear and strong set of values and act according to them.

F14) Perspective-taking/ Diplomacy


F15) Customer Orientation


F16) Motivating Skills


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