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The search for franchise partners is very complex and is subject to various determinants. In general, however, in Germany, the subdued start-up efforts as well as the respective economic situation make it difficult to create highly expansionary franchising. Compared to many other countries worldwide, such as the USA, the DACH region still has a very high potential for franchise start-ups. Strictly speaking, or brought to the simplest common denominator, currently many franchise systems compete for only a few interested parties.

How can a solution to such a problem be created? To illustrate the problem in more detail, the leads must first be considered. Currently one can assume the following rule of thumb …

Of 150-200 leads, 10% can be used for the single system for subsequent contact. This means that with 100 leads, 90 contacts are unusable and only 10%, in this case 10 leads, will benefit the system.

Assuming that leads are either produced or purchased by the system itself, as is currently the case, individual systems lose a lot of time searching for a partner, and secondly, they waste a lot of money in this way.

But what do the franchise systems actually want?

They only want quality contacts, they immediately use and focus on. If you are also looking for quality contacts only, then contact us now at +49176-60155420 and we concept an individual offer to you.


Global franchising to increase franchisee performance

The actors in a franchise system are people. Every person has strengths, weaknesses, preferences and peculiarities. Through our intelligent analysis tool, we measure the productivity of each franchisee in your system.

We use a range of up to X tests. This is not about the rationalization of individual franchisees, but about the discovery of development potential.

Through our individually designed and always usable learning program, we initiate progress and awareness in the individual and thus support his desired change process.

On request we intensify the coaching with yours Franchisees through individual or group coaching. Ask for further conditions.


Global franchising for a healthy franchisor- franchisee relationship.

The productivity of the individual franchisee depends to a large extent on a healthy franchisor franchisee relationship. Since this is the classic principal agent theory, the relationship between the two partners must be based on different interests. Nevertheless, it is important to establish a balanced WIN-WIN situation between the two parties. The satisfaction of the partners in the system represents an important strategic success factor in this context. A disregard of the interests of the franchisee brings financial losses, system deviant behavior, as well as the possible failure of a franchise concept with it. We would like to support you as a mentor restore the relationship of trust with your franchisee (s).

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Global Franchise WORKSHOPS

  • Workshop Franchisor-Franchisee relationship
  • Workshop franchise satisfaction
  • Workshop franchisee development
  • Workshop franchisee diagnostics

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