Global Leadership Mindset Development Program (GLMDP)

Dear Executives, 

we are a network of different Business Schools located in different regions of the world. 

We empirically extracted data on Global Leadership Mindset Development and we are a specialist in designing your Global Career. 

We explored with thousands of surveys the DNA of roughly 130 global positions such as in Global Human Resources, Global Procurement, Global Supply Chain Management, Global Finance and Controlling, Global Marketing & Sales, Global Logistics, Global IT and Global R&D. Moreover, we can also provide you a transformational learning path to CONSULTING positions. 

If you have more interest please visit our Global Mindset Folder in the headline and select your Business Function. 

Global Mindset in Human Resource Management – Gmindset

Global Mindset in Procurement – Gmindset

Global Mindset in Marketing & Sales – Gmindset

Global Mindset in Finance – Gmindset

Global Mindset in Logistics – Gmindset

How does it function: 

  1. Assessment of Top 10 skills
  2. Customized learning material due to the assessment results
  3. Interaction with people from all over the world on competencies with case studies, forum on the skills
  4. Reassessment of the top 10 after 23 weeks
  5. weekly presentations from different member schools on specific international business topics related to the topic of global leadership mindset development
  6. three individual coaching sessions are included in six months
  7. Receiving of a Certificate from the partner schools

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Reflektionszyklen für Global Mindset Entwicklung

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