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C1) Develop Intercultural Sensitivity

Knowledge of norms, traditions, and customs in different cultures.

C2) Awareness and Knowledge of Cultural Differences

Attitudes, beliefs, values, assumptions and recognition of one own culture and of other cultures.

C3) Develop Intercultural Communication Skills

Ability to initiate meaningful dialogue with (cross-cultural) different individuals, and effectively deal with communication misunderstandings.

C4) Develop Acceptance/ Respect/ Tolerance/ Understanding/ Awareness of Others

Ability to demonstrate respect for (cross-cultural) beliefs and values of people.

C5) Develop Cognitive Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Cognitive aspect is needed to conceptualize and process new information. This is more than simply having knowledge about a culture, but the ability to transfer learning to differing cultural contexts.

C6) Develop Motivational CQ

The motivational aspect is needed for adapting to differing cultural norms and values. However, it is more than just adapting to an unfamiliar environment; rather, it means that a person possesses the interest and curiosity—the drive—to respond to ambiguity.

C7) Develop Behavioral CQ

The behavioral aspect is needed in order to engage effectively and appropriately in intercultural interactions.

C8) Develop Metacognitive CQ

Ability to plan and monitor cross-cultural interaction and revise mental models based on these observations.

C9) Develop Cultural Agility

Refers to the ability of an organization and its members to understand, incorporate, and successfully work within and between multiple different cultural contexts and locations.

C10) Develop Intercultural (Cross-Cultural) Interaction Skills

Initiating and terminating interaction based on a reasonably accurate assessment of the needs and desires of (cross-cultural) others.

C11) Develop Cultural Psychological Capital

A person high in cross-cultural PsyCap would be characterized by having high self-efficacy, hope, optimism and resilience when it comes to interacting with people from different cultures.

C12) Develop Intercultural/Multicultural competencies and skills

Ability to understand people from different cultures and engage with them effectively. And not just people from the one culture that you’ve studied for years. Having cross-cultural competence means you can be effective in your interactions with people from most any culture.

C13) Develop cross-cultural effectiveness

Ability to enter, be trusted by and appreciated by cultures different from one’s own. Also, the ability to mediate cross-cultural conflicts should they occur.

C14) Develop Intercultural Adaptability/ Cultural adjustment/ Accommodate/ Cultural Integration

Ability to modify ideas and behavior, to compromise, and to be receptive to new ways of doing things (in cross-cultural situations.

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