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10 Euro for each level (A, B, C, D , E and F) for STUDENTS and 20 Euro for each level for MANAGERS.


A1) Develop Cognitive Complexity

Reflects an ability to see multiple perspectives and consider ideas, people, and situations from a variety of angles.

A2) Develop Cognitive Intelligence

Refers to computing that is able to act as intelligent agents that not only understand individuals’ mental states but also have the capability to socialize with individuals much like individuals interact with each other.

A3) Develop Cognitive Flexibility

As the mental ability to switch between thinking about two different concepts, and to think about multiple concepts simultaneously.

A4) Develop Global Business Savvy/ Global Business Knowledge/ Acumen

Having practical knowledge, good judgment, and common sense about global business.

A5) Develop Metacognitive Awareness

Metacognition is the awareness of one’s thinking and the strategies one is using. It enables leaders to be more mindful of what they’re doing (or learning) and why, and of how the skills they’re learning might be used differently in different situations.

A6) Develop Paradox Management

The ability to embrace both extremes of a number of dimensions at the same time.

A7) Develop Duality of Thinking (glo-cal Thinking)

GLOBAL-LOCAL-DILEMMA: The ability to recognize and adapt to cultural signals so that you’re effective in dealing with people from different backgrounds around the world.

A8) Develop learning agility/ thinking Agility

Learning Mindset, a belief in own learning and growth, open to experience, willing and desire to learn.

A9) Develop willingness to understand others

The tendency to cognitively include and accept things/people based on commonalities rather than dividing things/people into groups or categories.

A10) Develop Perception Management/ Environmental Scanning

Gathering of information about trends, opportunities, and threats in the marketplace.

A11) Develop Cosmopolitanism

A natural interest in and curiosity about different countries and cultures, as well as the degree of interest in world and international events.

A12) Develop Languages spoken

Ability to communicate in a foreign language of international conversation partner(s).

A13) Develop Pattern recognition

Understand how elements (activities, events, objects and information) may form new patterns that represent an opportunity for innovation or the threat of disruption to business operations or strategies.

A14) Develop Solve complex problems (Problem-Solving)


A15) Strategic and Critical Thinking


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