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D1) Interpersonal Engagement Interpersonal Impact

The degree to which people have a desire and willingness to initiate and maintain relationships with different (cross-cultural) individuals.

D2) Social Initiative and Social Competence/ Social Capital

The extent to which people exhibit interest in, and awareness of, their (cross-cultural) social environment.

D3) Conflict Management

Different ways of responses to perceived conflict include avoidance, confrontation, accommodation, aggressiveness, passive resistance, and collaboration.

D4) Networking/ Team Building/ Collaboration


D5) Integrity

(walk the talk) Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

D6) Willingness to experiment in food, museums, movies


D7) Adjustment of negotiation/ Persuading and Communication Skills across Borders


D8) Step Out of the Comfort Zone

If a situation or activity is out of your comfort zone, it does not make you feel secure, comfortable, or in control.

D9) Building Trust

Ability to inspire confidence in the certainty of future actions.

D10) Behavioural Flexibility

The willingness to substitute important personal interests from one’s own background and culture with similar, yet different interests in the host culture.

D11) Cross Border Mobility

We refer in this context to physical mobility across different countries that, differently from migration, is for an intentionally limited period, after which individuals usually come back to their home country.

D12) Contextual Intelligence

The ability to apply knowledge to real world scenarios and situations. It is the proficiency at adapting knowledge and skills to different situations and environments.

D13) Listening skills, reflection and observation skills


D14) Intercultural Adaptation

Ability to modify ideas and behavior, to compromise, and to be receptive to new ways of doing things (in cross-cultural situations).

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